According to the needs of biomechanics, running shoes can be divided into three categories: shock-absorbing running shoes, stability running shoes, and sports control running shoes. The shock-absorbing running shoes usually have a softer sandwich sole, and the auxiliary foot is evenly stressed during exercise to help the foot absorb shock. Shoes are usually lighter and have relatively poor stability. The stability of the running shoes, shoe soles usually have a uniform TPU plastic sheet or the inside has a high-density material structure. These special designs can prevent injuries caused by slight inversion of the foot and provide good support and endurance for the inner edge of the foot.
Running shoes that provide exercise control are usually hard. They can reduce or control excessive inversion of the foot and prevent ankle injuries. This type of running shoe usually weighs more than other running shoes. The structure is generally, the inner layer is a large area of ​​force uniform TPU plastic sheet and high density reinforcement material extending to the forefoot force point to control the internal rotation of the foot, the interlayer sole provides durability; the outer layer of rubber is more wearable .
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